Friday, January 16, 2009


◘◘From a fellow poptropicanz site i heard that the never came out island MONSTER CARNIVAL had a little bit of a costume leak!They think thiz iz why it never came out!
Here iz a lizt of the thingz seen:
1.Unicorn horn [worn by a blogger friend]
2.Scrawny wingz
3.Face polka dotz [az seen on the poptropica adz on]
4.Dragon spikez and tail
5.Dragon wigz
6.Bubble brain [worn by a blogger friend and iz now available on the phone]
7.Goat hornz
8.Dragonfly wingz [go to to see.]
9.Body stripez
10.Body dotz
11.Devil hornz
Thnx to!◘◘


  1. I don't think they will make a Poptropica monster island. The creators wouldn't leak hints. I think they put the things in for fun. If you like to read other Poptropica blogs, here is my blog: Everything Poptropica