Saturday, January 31, 2009


♠♠Attention, Poptropica loverz the new Mechanical- Medieval island Finlay has a name! It sayz it iz coming this spring!!♠♠

Thursday, January 29, 2009


♫♫Hey, if anyone of you playz a musical instrument comment us and tell us what instrument, or you can vote on the poll! Thnx!♫♫

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


☺☺Today on Poptropica they showed us a sneak peek at what we think iz the new French island!

DISCRIPTION: This lookz like a nice place to stay. Hopefully the roomz are as nice az the lobby.☺☺

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


☼☼Today on Poptropica Speedy Speck challenged Shark Boy [again] to Paint War and guess what she won! [again] Congragulations Speedy Speck!
I was visting the Fly-By-Night- airlines and had some great battlez against Speedy Speck we were really close on all of the battle gamez, but in the end she beat me in paint war! Thankz Speedy
Speck, that waz fun!

Friday, January 23, 2009


♫♫On Jan. 21st my poptropican beat Poptropica Creator Shark Boy in Sky dive!

DISCRIPTION: Today i waz totally rocking on Soup Wordz and waz so close to a 5 star battle ranking but then Nice Bubbles showed up and challenged me to Sky Dive but my battle ranking to a major dive. I used the crying emote alot!♫♫

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Look both wayz before crossing the road on thiz island!
i think that thiz iz another pic from the French island coming up!♪♪

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ö§HEADZ UP!!§ö

ööToday on Poptropica blog we got to check out another sneak peek for BIG NATE ISLAND!


What time iz it when a seagul fliez over your head?

Time to get a new hat! Bwaa haha! Thiz iz why i prefer bunniez to birdz‼öö

Saturday, January 17, 2009


☻☻Wouldn't it be fun working for Poptropica? Just showing some picturez of how fun it iz to be creative:☻☻

Friday, January 16, 2009


♣♣Juzt remember some of the poptropica creatorz can pop up anytime!
and play Every once in awhile we like to hop on Poptropica and play against some of you! Sadly today waz'nt my day.... Tough Skull totally trashed me on Star Link. Nice one Tough Skull♣♣


♦♦Here iz another sneak peek of the new french island, well at least we think it iz!

Here are some of the great Poptropicanz immortalized in stone.♦♦


♥♥Shy Speck, a poptropican was found by Vlad the Viking, one of the poptropica creatorz, and said that Vlad could show up any time, any place. KEEP EYEZ PEELED!
I,Vlad having acquired a shiny new camera, will venture across in Poptropica in search of fun and unique to feature on this blog. Today i went to the Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth island, and was happy to meet Shy Speck!

Keep your eyes open you might be featured on Snapshot Sagas!♥♥


◘◘From a fellow poptropicanz site i heard that the never came out island MONSTER CARNIVAL had a little bit of a costume leak!They think thiz iz why it never came out!
Here iz a lizt of the thingz seen:
1.Unicorn horn [worn by a blogger friend]
2.Scrawny wingz
3.Face polka dotz [az seen on the poptropica adz on]
4.Dragon spikez and tail
5.Dragon wigz
6.Bubble brain [worn by a blogger friend and iz now available on the phone]
7.Goat hornz
8.Dragonfly wingz [go to to see.]
9.Body stripez
10.Body dotz
11.Devil hornz
Thnx to!◘◘

Thursday, January 15, 2009


☻☻Hey guyz, we're just searching for new glitchez so if u have any comment uz. Thnx!
Here'z a NABOOTI ISLAND floating glitch NOTE: u have to finish the island first. Go to the museam and take a leap where the staute waz and you'll float!☻☻


Make a new poptropican and finish SHARK TOOTH ISLAND up to the calming potion part then save the lost people and head to the water on the right and keep on going until they dizzapear then take a leap onto the water then they start walking on the water. That ain't possible!
Any questionz comment uz!☻►►


☼☼Here are a few glitchez.....
1. Go to any multi. room and click on anyone who leavz the room then a freaky guy popz up, customize everything then leave the rest iz a surprize! NOTE: will change poptropican

2. Go to SPY ISLAND and put on your bowtie and head to the jump cord at the top of the building, and click down, u will be " under the street!"☻
3.Go to SPY ISLAND and head to the dockz and stop at the little piece of wood, jump over it then you'll be floating!!☼☼


••Here iz a lizt of phone codez u can uze on the NABOOTI phone:
1337=Nerd exept hair
411=bubble brain NOTE: u can take it off by clicking new hair
911=police outfit
1225=santa outfit and sack
Therez more but they got crossed off!☻••


♫♫Here iz a lizt of cool key board codez u can use on poptropica:
crtl+shift +s=skin change
crtl+shift+p=pumpkin mask
crtl+shift+1=laughing emote
crtl+shift+2 =crying emote
crtl+shift+3=mad emote
crtl+shift+4=happy emote
crtl+shift+f5= you can fly! NOTE: cannot work anymore.
We'll let you know when therez more!!☻♫♫


♪♪Hey waz up! Colette § Erica are here we just want to say WELCOME TO THE BLOG! Here you can see poptropica glitchez and newz so visit often!☻♪♪